Ranking of Austrian Online CSR Reports

Results 2020: Agrana - Integrated Annual Report 2018/19

For the ranking in each category (Strategic Approach, Open Information and User Orientation) click on the respective link below.

1. STRATEGIC APPROACH2722.715.845.1
a. Were the material aspects identified according to the criteria of the GRI standard?
b. Does the company take responsibility for its impact along the entire value chain?
c. Does the corporate strategy include a management approach to all material topics?
d. Are both harm reduction strategies and maximization of benefits pursued?
e. Have appropriate structures and processes for sustainability management been set up and sufficiently presented in the report?
2. OPEN INFORMATION2312.27.927.3
a. Does the report make clear and complete statements? (Key figures on all material topics, interpretation of development, definition/evaluation of goals)
b. Is the report balanced? (positive / negative developments, solved / unresolved problems, etc.)
c. Are internal and external stakeholders appropriately involved and are the relevant structures and processes disclosed?323.24.99.3
3. USER ORIENTATION374.85.119.0
a. Is the report clearly structured according to the material topics?340.92.24.7
b. Is the text clear and precise, easy to understand and read?361.72.74.7
c. Is the visualization appealing and does it support the understanding of the content?331.32.44.7
d. Is the report user-friendly and are online features sufficiently utilized? (Target group specific approach, optional information, links, timeliness, interactivity etc.)320.91.85.0
TOTAL RANK & SCORE2739.751.691.4


(provided by students, how the company should improve its report)

Only few infographics are given. Those are very well done. Still, for better usability and easier understanding for stakeholders, more infographics, which are supported by text are needed.

The balance of the report is rarely given. Whilst risks are described, I would like for Agrana to further explain how unresolved problems are to be addressed in the future.

Some aspects such as the value chain are executed quite good compared to others. Truly implementing GRI means putting in some effort and taking the time to think in an outside-in perspective in depth. I would recommend a change of perspective.

Agrana should take the time to work on strategic performance. Sustainability should not be a side piece of an annual report but actually be conducted by setting up appropriate structures and processes.

Focus on the essential: Often very superficial & advertorial; Agrana should focus on some key elements (for example the „Frucht, „Zucker „ Stärke“ division); Especially non-financial topics & goals are sometimes missing

Defining the values & principles: Values & principles should show specific & graphically; Does also help to be more transparent

Integrate CSR into the management: More focus how CSR is integrated into the management (should be present visually in the report); Including also a stronger focus on the KPI´s & the results

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